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Project Site : Abudhabi

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Project Site: Etihad Rail. The UAE Railway Programmer and Etihad Rail have just completed construction on the track linking Abu Dhabi and Dubai. And the Etihad Rail route map has been revealed. It's all just the start of a very exciting year as construction on Etihad Rail speeds along. The railway length is 256 kilometers and required 47 million hours of work by 13,300 workers to be completed. The Abu Dhabi to Dubai railway also includes 29 bridges, 60 crossings and 137drainage channels. It is part of the larger The UAE Railway Pro- grammer, which will connect everyone across the seven emirates. China Railway Construction Corporation Limited (abbreviated CRCC) working into three parts of projects 2B 2C 2D, Najmat Al Furat Bldg.Mat.Tr. L.L.C Sole Proprietorship supply of ballast row materials to all Etihad real way project site
In addition, Najmat Al Furat Bldg.Mat.Tr L.L.C Sole Proprietorship supply of sub base raw materials to project sites Etihad railway 2 D in Sharjah & alFujairah, the China Railway Construction Corporation (CRCC) and National Projects & Construction

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Najmat Al Furat Bldg.Mat. Tr. L.L.C Sole Proprietorship is a market leader in merchandising building materials for all construction activities, with its operations extended throughout UAE to serve various needs of its customers with an emphasis on quality, service and product.